We believe the ideal workplace is a motivating and inspiring environment where people can and want to perform at their best. An environment where the company culture, vision and ambition is being promoted. An environment that boosts happiness and by that increases the engagement of your people. 

We believe that the office environment is a strategic tool to help you achieve your company goals. Success is made by your people when they are appreciated, dedicated & productive and the workplace can be an impactful tool to achieve that.

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The way we work is changing in an accelerated manner.

What started as a temporary change has now become a catalyst for the way we will work in the future. It is no longer for aspirational companies to build a strategy for their workplace and workstyle, it has become crucial for any company.

Building the strategy of a workplace, we ask questions such as;

If people can work from anywhere, what function will the office have?

Does the workplace provide a variety of spaces which facilitate different activities?

How does the office environment speak to the culture and ambition of the company?

How do we foster interactions and innovation?

How do we ensure we are attractive to the next generation?


We conduct an integrated analysis on your organization. We go over housing priorities, growth plans, employee activities & profiles, company culture and employee experience. In this phase it is about listening to your people, because they are the experts in how to use their office space. 


Combining your needs and our design knowledge, we create a space planning and interior concept for your new or existing space. We visualize this through 3D models and moodboards, including branding solutions. In this phase we also advise you about materials and furntiture solutions.


Together with our building partners and furniture suppliers, we ensure a smooth construction, assembly and decoration process. We are in constant contact with partners and suppliers, ensuring that every aspect of your new office is being implemented well. 

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The pandemic has disrupted our daily work.

In the past year there has been a rapid shift around the way we work. Entire industries are questioning whether their old workstyles will serve in the future. Not only will a part of the individual work be done on remote, but also collaborating and meeting will become more of a mix of virtual and physical presence. 


A flexible workstyle is no longer a ¨nice-to-have¨, it has become essential. We have to re-think the way our people work and reshape the environments they will work in.

A key factor here is adaptability. If the pandemic has shown us something, it is the importance of resilience.  Let´s be prepared for the increasingly unpredictable future. Let´s build flexible, agile workspaces.


Planique is a boutique advisory.

We understand that each project requires a tailored approach to create a unique end product.

You will have one person full time dedicated to your project, who will guide you through the entire process and will get to know you well. The involvement of your people is important to us, because we believe this increases the chance they will truly benefit from the new environment and will therefore lead to a satisfying result that works hard for your company.

Whether it is a new space, a refurbishment or just some polishing of your existing space, we will help you to make it an environment where your people can flourish.

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